Build Intrinsic Safety Chlor-alkali Chemical Company

Dongying Hebang Cheical Co., Ltd was registered in January 2011. It has invested and completed reconstruction and expansion projects of 40,000 tons / year trichloro ethylene, 120,000 tons / year glycerol epichlorohydrin, and 300,000 tons / year ionic membrane caustic soda. In 2013, the company has gained production qualification for food additives sodium hydroxide and food additives hydrochloric acid. In 2014, the company passed inspection of "five standards". In 2015, it passed inspection of secondary safe production standardization. Currently its main products include high purity sodium hydroxide, food additive sodium hydroxide, high purity hydrochloric acid, food additive hydrochloric acid, industrial epichlorohydrin, etc.

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Profound Corporate Culture

We are a "people oriented" company. We are committed to constructing a corporate culture of "Unity and progress, innovative and efficient, harmonious development".

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Achievements is the proof of past.

Our goal is always ahead.

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Perfect Service System

Regional Advantage

Advanced Technology

Customer-oriented service help the company to create a comfortable environment for clients, making service the company's core competitiveness.

The zero polar distance technology adopted by the 300,000 tons / year ionic membrane caustic soda facility is the most advanced. Compared with conventional ionic membrane method, it has the advantages of low operating voltage, low power consumption,

The company is located in the Dongying Port Economic Development Zone, situated in the central control point of traffic corridor of Northeast economic region and Central Plains economic region, and Shandong Peninsula and Beijing-Tianjin-Tangshan region. Caofeidian and Qinhuangdao Port are just across the sea, making it very convenient for shipping. The Economic Development Zone is connected with big cities via highways. It is an important station now in the Bohai Rim transport circle with several railway and highway under planning.