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Company was founded in January 2011, covers an area of more than 1400 acres, the existing staff of more than 420 people Has completed investment of 4 million tons / year of trichloroethylene, 12 million tons / year of glycerol France epichlorohydrin and supporting 30 million tons / year ion-exchange membrane caustic soda (relocation) expansion proj

Company is located in Dongying Port Economic Development Zone, is located in the center of the Northeast Economic Zone and the Central Plains Economic Area, Shandong Peninsula and Beijing Tianjin Tanggu District traffic channel control points, and Caofeidian in Hebei, Qinhuangdao port, across the sea, sea transportation is very convenient; Development Zone with the major cities have higher grade highway connecting, port railway, ring of high grade highway in the Bohai Sea is planning, the port has become a ring Bohai Sea channel, the traffic and an important station.

In 2013, the company achieved food additives sodium hydroxide, food additives hydrochloric acid production qualification, in 2014 through the five standard system audit and acceptance, in 2015 through the two level of safety standardization standard acceptance.Companies adhere to the "life is priceless, first" safe core idea, 6S management,men

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Company to "create a green chemical world" for the production of ideas, relying on the existing 3 sets of device, and build up the circular economy industrial chain of internal digestion of a hydrochloric acid, liquid chlorine, hydrogen, steam, etc

The construction has the characteristics of port salinization integrated petrochemical circular economy industrial park circulation

Dongying City Hector Bang Chemical Co., Ltd. in the vigorous development of the construction projects at the same time, adhere to the "Twelfth Five Year" development plan, together with the adjacent city of Dongying Haike Ruilin Chemical Co., Ltd., the surrounding businesses and build a caustic soda, hydrochloric acid, chlorine, hydrogen, steam, etc. circular economy industrial chain, to achieve the closed circulation of resources, energy and materials, at the same time, the raw and auxiliary materials conservation and rational use of, to achieve the requirements of the circular economy of resources out of waste, minimization and harmless, it forms the GHZ state as the hub of salinization integrated petrochemical large circulation circular economy industrial park. circulation circular economy industrial park. circulation circularcircularcircularci